LightenUp 10'x8'

Graphic Size

A power-house backwall lightbox at two heights and single or double-sided. LightenUp combines intelligent design with 4K Print Technology and our Illuminate™ backlit fabric to set a new standard for portable backlit displays

LightenUp™ incorporates many design features to make set-up, take-down, and transportation quick and easy. LightenUp requires NO TOOLS to set up, making it truly a “plug and play” backlit display. Details like these can only come from a partner who knows all the “in’s and out’s” of display products.

  • Rolling soft case with foam inserts
  • Extruded PVC frame is lightweight, yet durable with a profile that adds both structure and function
  • Integrated lights and wiring means LightenUp is truly “plug and play”
  • No tools are required for set-up or when connecting
  • Frame extensions allow each LightenUp frame to be set up at two heights: 61/2' and 8'
  • Integrated sturdy PVC foot rotates into position to provide a stable base for light boxes
  • Proprietary Z-bent metal foot intelligently designed to make installing graphics a breeze and brings exceptional stability to larger, stand-alone light boxes
  • Proprietary interior support bars are gray instead of white to produce an evenly lit graphic free of “hot spots”
  • Lay-flat electrical plug keeps the light box standing tall and straight
  • Frames can be quickly joined together by adding a small connector to the outer channel
  • Accessories such as shelving and monitor mounts can

Finish LightenUp SEG Finishing
Graphic Size Both Graphic Heights
Hardware Color White
Hardware Open Size (WxHxD) 118.11" x 96.22" x 4.75"
Material Illuminate
Process 4K Dyesub
Shipping Weight 57 lbs
Size (WxH) 10'x8' Frame
System LightenUp Double-Sided
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